#5 Contributor Lineup

Posted on July 30th, 2015

Dirty Rotten Comics #5 is out on 14th August, and it’s high time we shared with you the fantastic artists and writers who have contributed to our next anthology. Once again, we’re proud to represent the current UK comics scene at its most diverse, with comics from first-timers and professionals alike.

Here they are, gang:

Amy Smith
Andy Barron (Website, Twitter)
Anna Dowsland (Website, Twitter)
Barney Farmer (Twitter) & Lee Healey (Website, Twitter)
David Meadows & Andrew Potts (Website, Twitter)
David Robertson (Website, Twitter)
David Thomas & Rosa Devine (Website)
David Ziggy Greene (Website, Twitter)
Des Buckley (Website)
Gary Clap (Website, Twitter)
Ioan Morris (Website, Twitter)
James Gifford (Website, Twitter)
James Wragg (Website, Twitter)
Jess Milton (Website, Twitter)
Jessie Huckin
Jey Levang (Website, Twitter)
Joe Callanan (Website, Twitter)
John Dredge (Website, Twitter) & Joseph Champniss
Kevin Loftus (Website, Twitter)
Kirk Campbell (Twitter)
Matthew Dooley (Website, Twitter)
Olivia Sullivan (Website, Twitter)
Rozi Hathaway (Website, Twitter)
Sarah Crosby (Website, Twitter)
Scott Wrigg (Website, Twitter)
Teal Barnes (Website, Twitter)
Todd Oliver (Website, Twitter)
Tom Mortimer (Twitter)

A big thanks as always to everyone who took the time to contribute to Dirty Rotten Comics. We couldn’t do it without you!

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