The Morning Star

Posted on January 18th, 2016

We’re delighted to say that we were recently included in the Morning Star newspaper, appearing in a full-page feature over the weekend.

Michal Boncza reviewed Dirty Rotten Comics 6 and found it “delightfully subversive”, noting that the “absorbing anthology certainly caters for most tastes – however warped”.

Comics can often get a rough deal in the national press, and are frequently overlooked or sidelined as a niche interest. It’s refreshing, then, that the Morning Star continue to support the great work that’s happening in British comics today; with the growth of the scene in recent years, this is an attitude that other national newspapers would be wise to follow.

Click the image below for a full page view, or head over to the Morning Star website to read the article. A full list of contributors to Dirty Rotten Comics 6 can be found here.