DRC7 Cover & Contribs

Posted on March 25th, 2016

The seventh issue of Dirty Rotten Comics is out next Friday, and it’s an absolute belter, with a stunning cover by Matt Bailey and comics from a huge variety of creators, first-timers and returning names alike. DRC7 is already picking up great acclaim online; in his exclusive preview for Broken Frontier, Andy Oliver says “it may just be the most accomplished issue of the book to date”, while Tony Esmond for Down the Tubes has called it “easily the best volume to date, Dirty Rotten Comics is gaining in quality and reputation”. Pre-orders are open now, so make sure to pick one up before the ground rush.


We’ve been announcing our lineup of artists and writers over on Twitter, but here they are in full:

Front cover by Matt Bailey (Website, Twitter)

Alex Potts (Website, Twitter)
Andrew Warwick (Website)
Andrez Bergen & Chris Wahl (Andrez – Website, Twitter) (Chris – Website, Twitter)
Benjamin A.E. Filby (Website, Twitter)
Bethan Mure (Website, Twitter)
Darren Cullen & Mark Tolson (Darren – Website, Twitter)
Douglas Noble (Website, Twitter)
Henry Miller (Website, Twitter)
Henry & Sam St.Leger (Henry – Website, Twitter) (Sam – Website, Twitter)
Ioan Morris (Website, Twitter)
Jey Levang (Website, Twitter)
Julian Hanshaw (Website, Twitter)
Kathryn Briggs (Website, Twitter)
Kevin Loftus (Website, Twitter)
Kirk Campbell (Twitter)
Lucie Ebrey (Website, Twitter)
Matthew Dooley (Website, Twitter)
Mhairi Braden (Website, Twitter)
Peony Gent (Website, Twitter)
Scott Wrigg (Website, Twitter)
Stanley Miller (Twitter)
Tom Alexander (Website, Twitter)
Tom Mortimer (Twitter)