#3 Contributor Lineup

Posted on September 27th, 2014

There’s but a week to go until we unleash Dirty Rotten Comics 3 on an unsuspecting public at the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair. Are you excited? Of course you are.

Let us not forget that our third issue was only made possible thanks to the studious efforts of our many contributors. From the beginning, we always wanted Dirty Rotten Comics to be as inclusive as possible, to reflect the broad and diverse community of comic creators that exists in Britain today. Our third issue features work from seasoned veterans alongside artists who have never before been published and we’re really, really proud of that. Giving people a platform to express themselves, regardless of their status or experience, will always be our driving philosophy.

That being said, you’re here for the contributor lineup, right? Here they are (in no particular order, before you try looking for some obscure hierarchy!):

Elizabeth Querstret (Querstret.co.uk , @querstret)
Jey Levang (Jeylevang.com , @levangj)
The Happy Ghetto (The Happy Ghetto , @thehappyghetto , @murorga)
Claude TC (Gronk Comics , @captainclaude)
Alex Ross (The Mumbling Horse)
Kirk Campbell (@kirkcomedy)
Jess Milton (Tumblr , @jezbelizia)
JOEY FOURR (Joeyfourr.co.uk , @joeyfourr)
Hector Lowe (Quite Good Comics , @dirtpony)
Cass Lou & Joe Campbell
Matthew Dooley (Tumblr , @mddraws)
Gary Clap (Garyclap.co.uk , @garyclap)
Ollie Wells

Thanks to everyone who took part in issue 3. We can’t wait to share it with the world on October 4th.