Best British Comics!

Posted on June 1st, 2018

We’re delighted to announce that Dirty Rotten Comics was recently included in the Pipedream Comics ‘10 of the best British comics‘ list, alongside other fantastic work including The Phoenix and Porcelain. We heartily encourage you to check out the full list, but here are the kinds words that Pipedream had for our anthology:

The UK’s arthouse comic scene is the thriving heart of the small press community with their mix of quirky stories and hand made ‘zines’. It can be a difficult scene to break into, but thanks to festivals like ELCAF and anthologies like Dirty Rotten Comics new readers are able to discover this most vibrant of UK comics cliques.

Thanks to an open door submission policy, DRC gives readers a perfect snapshot of the UK arthouse comics scene every quarter and has brought us work by standouts like Matthew Dooley, Josh Hicks, Russell Olson, Kathryn Briggs, Emily Rose Lambert and many more. By not relying on the same creators every issue, DRC gives you an amazing look at the vibrancy and diversity of the scene, and even if every strip is not quite right for you, then it will introduce you to plenty who are.

Our latest volume of Dirty Rotten Comics is available now from Amazon in both paperback and ebook editions.