#4 Contributor Lineup

Posted on April 8th, 2015

Our spring anthology is out in less than ten days, and what a collection we have lined up! We’re proud to represent writers and artists from across the UK comics scene, from the first-timers to the seasoned professionals. Without further ado, here they are:

Alex Goddard (Tumblr, @goddardmakes) and Alex Widdowson (Tumblr, @alexwiddowson)
Alice Campbell
Andres Gonzalez (Facebook, @wobbly_goggy)
Andrez Bergen (Website, @andreziffy) and Andrew Chiu (Website, @andrewchiu1)
Barney Farmer (@barneyfarmer) and Lee Healey (Website, @healeycartoons)
Bethan Mure (Website, @beemure)
Claude TC (Website, @captainclaude) and Kyle Gerdes
Daniel Ferreira (Facebook, Website, @modernlovecomic)
Danny Noble (Website, @mundymorn)
David Ziggy Greene (Website, @sahreports)
Dimitra Rizou (Website)
Dominic Linton and Fred Morris (@djfmcomicspage)
Elizabeth Querstret (Website, @querstret)
Emily Rose Lambert (Website, @doofertree)
Evan Androutsopoulos (Tumblr, @archivebagel)
Gary Clap (Website, @garyclap)
Grace Kaluba (Tumblr, @graceofaeons)
Hannah Lee Miller (Tumblr, @agreatescapist)
Harry Sussams (Tumblr, @hsussams)
Ioan Morris (Tumblr, @iomamo, @drycomics)
Jack West-Oram (Website, @westoram)
James Wragg (Website, @thrustingpens)
Jason Mathis (Website)
Jey Levang (Website, @levangj)
Jillian Fleck (Website, @lakejehovah)
Johnny Herber (Tumblr)
Kevin Loftus (Tumblr, @lofty51)
Luca Romeo (Website, @luca__romeo)
Lydia Wysocki (Website, Tumblr, @lyd_w)
Matthew Dooley (Tumblr, @mddraws)
MD (Website, @hilliatfields)
Paul Shinn (Website, @paulshinndraws)
Pete Shearn (Tumblr, @proxyshearn)
Richard Swan (Website, @moonunderground)
Sally-Anne Hickman (Website, @sallyshinystars)
Sarah Crosby (Website, @di_kittypants)
Silvia Carrus (Website, @silviargh)
Teal Barnes (Tumblr, @tealbarn)
Tim Bird (Website, @pseudoboy)
Tom Burnham (Website, @tomburnham1992)
Tom Scotcher (Tumblr)
Wilfred Axel Mason (@wilfaxelmason)

A massive thank you as always to everyone who contributed this time around!

Dirty Rotten Comics #4 is out on 17th April 2015. Pre-order a copy now.


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