DRC6 Cover & Contribs

Posted on November 30th, 2015

The sixth issue of Dirty Rotten Comics is out this Friday. We wouldn’t want to suggest you sit by the clock counting down the minutes, but it’s safe to say that release day can’t come soon enough. You may have already caught our front cover reveal in Broken Frontier’s exclusive preview of DRC6 last week; we’ve given the whole package a bit of a polish this time around, which has carried across to the cover. We’ll leave it with you to work out the changes, but do let us know what you think.


As usual we’ve been slowly leaking our lineup of artists and writers over Twitter. Here is the full, comprehensive list of contributors to our next issue, a stronger lineup than which you won’t find elsewhere:

Alice Campbell
Anna Dowsland (Website, Twitter)
Danny Noble (Website, Twitter)
Douglas Noble (Website, Twitter)
Faye Spencer (Website, Twitter)
Ioan Morris (Website, Twitter)
James Wragg (Website, Twitter)
Jey Levang (Website, Twitter)
Jillian Fleck (Website, Twitter)
Joseph Jores (Website, Twitter)
Josh Hicks (Website, Twitter)
Julian Hanshaw (Website, Twitter)
Keara Stewart (Website, Twitter)
Kevin Loftus (Website, Twitter)
Kim Clements (Website, Twitter)
Kirk Campbell (Twitter)
LUME Projects (Website, Twitter)
Matthew Broadhurst (Website, Twitter)
Matthew Dooley (Website, Twitter)
Mikael Lopez (Website)
N. G. Williams (Website)
Olivia Sullivan (Website, Twitter)
Peony Gent (Website, Twitter)
Peter Hall (Website, Twitter)
Royston Robertson (Website, Twitter)
Scott Wrigg (Website, Twitter)
Stanley Miller (Twitter)
Teal Barnes (Website, Twitter)
Till Lukat (Website, Twitter)
Tom Mortimer (Twitter)

Dirty Rotten Comics #6 will be released on Friday 4th December. Pre-orders are open, so reserve your copy now to ensure you get it before the Christmas rush!