DRC7 in Review

Posted on May 31st, 2016

It’s been two months since Dirty Rotten Comics 7 lurched from the sea, staggered up the beach and fell, slumped, into our waiting arms. And in that time, we’re glad to say that our latest issue has picked up some pretty smashing feedback.

First up was Andy Oliver’s exclusive preview for Broken Frontier. Andy highlighted our “wonderful mix of established names and up-and-comers” and suggested that issue seven “just may be the most accomplished issue of the book to date”. Andy went on to choose DRC7 as one of his picks for April 2016, calling it “one of the most eagerly anticipated titles on the UK small press calendar”.

We were soon to be featured on the Awesome Comic Podcast (listen from 06:50), with co-host Tony choosing DRC7 as his pick of the week. Tony called our latest issue “the best [so] far”, choosing work by Alex Potts, Jey Levang and Tom Mortimer as personal highlights. Tony was particularly impressed with ‘Loser, Nobody’, a strip by Andrez Bergen and Chris Wahl, which he acknowledged as having “some of the best linework I’ve seen in a small press comic for a long, long time”.

nme_thingswelike_drc7Later in the week, Alex Thomas picked DRC7 for his indie comics round-up at Pipedream Comics, giving it a very healthy four stars out of five. Alex summed up: “mixing unique story-telling with beautiful eclectic art and exceptional production values, Dirty Rotten Comics is one of the best indie art house anthologies out there”. Not stopping for breath, Alex went on to cast an eye over Matthew Dooley’s Meanderings, the first release from our new publishing venture Throwaway Press. Alex scored Meanderings an excellent four-and-a-half stars out of five, and called it a “wondrous introduction to one of the UK indie scene’s most exciting and innovative creators”.

Heading toward the end of April, and DRC7 was featured as one of the ‘Things We Like‘ in music and lifestyle magazine NME. Sandwiched between a bottle of whisky and overpriced pink trainers, we were particularly chuffed to be featured in such a widely-circulated and well respected magazine. We can only hope that Britain’s moody teens took note of their wise advice.

Pushing into May, and DRC7 & Meanderings were both given the review treatment by Pete Redrup over at The Quietus. Pete was glowing in his praise for our latest anthology, calling it “funny, varied, intermittently dark and great value, this is a brilliant anthology”. Pete highlighted the contrast between strips by Mhairi Braden and our own Kirk Campbell as an example of DRC’s distinct personality, concluding: “both are excellent, could hardly be more varied tonally or stylistically, and illustrate exactly why this book works so well“.

Kind words indeed!

Dirty Rotten Comics 7 costs £4 and is available to buy online at Throwaway Press. Londoners can also track down copies at FoylesGosh! Comics, Housmans Bookshop, magCulture and Orbital Comics.